Frequently Asked Questions

What types of shops is this product suitable for?

Our EPoS solutions are designed for all general retail stores. From gift shops and cafes* to Garden Centres, convenience stores or mini supermarkets to department stores.

*Can be used in café environments which do not require table booking, kitchen printing. Not specifically designed for hospitality.


What happens if my network fails or my broadband between stores goes down?

The till will continue to function and you will be able to trade normally for 30 days. All transactions will be held on the tills and once connectivity is restored they will synchronise with the back office.


How long does it take to train staff to use the tills?

Each till has a built in training mode. This means you can train staff on the shop floor if required, using your own products and in your own environment. The software is very easy to use and within thirty minutes to an hour your staff can be up and running.


Is there a maximum number of tills I can have linked to my StoreTrader Back office?

No – it may take a little longer to update prices changes where there are over 1000 tills, but the number of tills you can have is unlimited.


Can I sell an item that Sage Accounts thinks is not in stock?

Yes – If presented with such an item at the till the sale will proceed normally. Depending on your stock control settings in Sage you will either be allowed to go into negative stock for that item or will need to do a simple stock adjustment. All of this is handled from the back office and does not affect the customers or staff on the shop floor.