StoreTrader Software

StoreTrader Software gives you well designed, easy to use software. Designed for the retail environment by retail experts.  Modular in design you can add functionality as your business grows.

Storetrader delivers everything you need to support the way you want to trade. Cash and credit sales, returns, suspended transactions and card processing including chip & pin built in. We encourage you to look at our walkthrough videos here so you can see for yourself how easy the product is to use

Supported options include:

  • Promotions and discounts
  • Euro currency
  • Customer accounts*
  • Mobile stock taking
  • Barcode printing
  • Voucher receipts

The modular design of Storetrader allows you to start with a basic DigiPoS touch screen and EPOS system, then add modules such as stock control and Sage EPOS link as required.

Business changes all the time, Storetrader provides you with tools to define the way you want to handle transactions. You can create your own promotions and deals – You define the way you want the system to handle all kinds of offers!

*When linked to sage account